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After model engineering and ornamental turning had gripped me, I began to realise the importance of aesthetic design, a catalyst being a Crafts Council magazine article on David Pye in about 1979/1980.

The following nine photographs illustrate my work 1980 to 1986 when I used to show work at Contemporary Applied Arts, the V&A craft shop, Boxford Gallery, Ombersley Gallery, The Oxford Gallery, Anne Hartree at the prestigious Prescote Gallery and others, all lovely people to deal with.

The 'standing cups' are from Edward Pinto's 'Treen and Other Wooden Bygones'. The elm vessels range from Neolithic burial vessels to African pottery and stages in between. Turned to 3/16 inch thick at mid-section, with uniformly spaced grooves internally.

The 'Woodturning Centre' Philadelphia purchased one of my three tray hinged containers in 1988, when Albert came to visit. This was one of my favourite pieces to make. All hand turned at 800rpm, you don't need high speed for long slender boxwood tray stems. The holes are tapered with a triangular reamer made to suit. The tops stack at successive half bead diameter increments. I think there's a 1988 (possibly August) 'Woodworker' article of mine on making this container.

I am a terrible fella for insisting on 'finish straight off the tool' or at most the finest of wet and dry and the finest wire wool.

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3 tray hinged box, packed square boxes with aquarius inlay various boxes including outrigger, trays
geometrical boxes with dot inlay elm vessels inspired by African pottery elm vessels inspired by African pottery - my workshop blog.

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