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Model Twin Cylinder Feed Pump

To anyone that has ever seen a steam feed pump in action these are fascinating and irresistible pieces of mechanism. LBSC in his ‘Live Steam Book’ produces an excellent example, as is all his work; a man I regard highly  for getting ordinary people to get involved in miniature live steam. Because of this fascination I am currently  making a small batch of miniature steam feed pumps based upon the J.I.Austen-Walton design of 1951, larger than LBSCs duplex donkey feed pump and more suited to a 5inch gauge locomotive or larger model ship engine room.   The feed pumps  can be run on very little steam, are brand new and made to a high standard. Gunmetal cylinders, nicely silver soldered pipework, very clean and accurate turning, great attention to detail and quality, etc. I’m extending the piston rods upwards through the upper cylinder end cover and fitting a studded gland so as to be able to see more working parts, handy when it runs ‘dead slow’. I’m ideally suited to this type of work considering my Hardy Bros, Alnwick training, interest in clockmaking, being toolmaker trained and the sort of products I make. At present I am taking  orders for these miniature steam feed pumps so it’s a ‘first come first served’ basis, £700 each.

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